A Heritage Of Excellence Since 630A.D.

One cold winter night, 630A.D., in a mountain forest on the edges of a Kingdom, near our Artist's Village, a carriage broke down. With kindness and warmth the Artists rescued the passengers from the winter storm. While mending their carriage's broken wheel the Artists gave the young lady being transported gifts of the beautifully-crafted hair ornaments they made. Unbeknownst to the Artists, the carriage belonged to the King and the passenger was a Princess that was to be His Son's wife. Upon Her safe arrival, the King was so moved by the beauty of the Artist's creations and their kindness, that He decreed the Artists had the exclusive privilege to create all hair ornaments for the entire kingdom. Although much, much older was the tradition of Artistic Excellence, we refer to this event in history as a pinnacle moment for us that the world recognized and rewarded Artistic Passion hewn with Patient Discipline as well as rewarding kindness and moral fiber. We continue this tradition of Artistic Excellence and Moral Fiber in all of our Artists unique creations today.

Our Master Artists create unique works from our finest furs, fabrics, and leathers, using our time-honored, old-world traditions. Below you can read more about our Bison Leather, Mazzuchelli Headbands, Verona Fabrics and our Ultra-Safe Plug offerings...


- Lifetime Guarantee-

In no uncertain terms - we know that KittenCream makes the most durable, the safest, and the most comfortable Ears, Tails, and Collars in the World. Our Artists are extraordinarily skilled and passionately devoted to their work! Thusly, each KittenCream Tail and Ear set as well as Collar is, and has always been, guaranteed for life to have no flaws in materials or craftsmenship. We believe that there should be something worthy of the soul and worthy of the sacred bond between one and their beloved - something truly special, and so our Artists use patient, time-honored techniques to make each of our creations from the finest materials in the world - nothing else would be worthy of you or our Artists. If there are ever any flaws in the materials or our workmanship, we want to know about it and fix it for you.
Of course accident, abuse, use beyond intended purpose, or normal wear is not something we could cover, and also there is a normal life-span of cloth, leather, etc which must be taken into consideration; but with our extremely high quality materials, our creations should last a very long time. However, if a such problem does occur, we still want you to have your KittenCream creation, so we keep our repair cost very low. We make repairs either for free or the repair fee is typically around $10. In either case (guaranteed or non-guaranteed repair work), the client would be responsible for the cost shipping to and from our studios. If you have any quality issues, or repair requests with any of our creations, please contact us for return instructions.

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- North American Bison Leather-

We exclusively work with American Bison leather to help, through "use", bring back this majestic creature from the brink. Ironic that "use" can help bring back a species, but if the Bison farmers get a bit more money for their food-source Bison, then they will be more motivated to raise Bison over Bovine(cow). The Bison herds used to number in the millions - lets help bring them back.

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Our Artisan-Carved Headbands

Our bespoke headbands are hand-carved and shaped from the finest Italian Mazzucchelli acetate by our skillful artisans whose masterful traditions date back well before their 630A.D. appointment by the King of France for the exclusive privilege of manufacture for the entire Kingdom. This is the same material as can be found in extremely high-end eyeglasses frames.

Spark Noir

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Some of our Verona Fabrics

We have searched the world over for amazing fabrics that will help to create unique works worthy of the Soul and Spirit of our Artists and worthy of the treasured bond between one and their beloved. Below are just a few of the many fabrics we have collected for our unique creations.


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Our Plug Designs

- Beauty & Safety -

Being the inventors and creators of 'KittenPlay Attire' and the Patented 'Fur Plug Tail', we have always strived to create something unique, but also something truly special. As Artist it has been our charge to create something "For, From and About the world, the way it should be". To create something from our soul with all our spirit: something worthy of the most treasured feelings we have inside. Only this could be worthy of the sacred bond between one and their beloved - only this, we feel would be worthy of you. From our search for a new plug design 6 years ago, we were absolutely appalled by the cheap and unsafe plug offerings we found in the world; so, in conjunction with Medical Experts from around the world, we Designed and Developed our own plugs. It took many years, but we now have developed for you our own Low-Nickel, Solid Stianless Steel Plugs (no cheap platings or coatings to wear off or for toxic mateirals to leach through) and also our "Medical Implant-Grade, Pure Titanium" Plugs. Both meet our Safety Standards albeit the latter is the Ultra-Safe option we wanted to make available for you. When we asked "what is the safest plug material," that was the answer... so we did not stop until we achieved this world-first: an affordable "Ultra-Safe" plug. Our Titanium plugs are made from 1 peice of of Solid, Pure Titnaium (unalloyed), are Medical Implant Grade, and certified to ASTM F67 and ASTM F86 medical standards. This is the most biocompatable material that meets our other safety and function requirements. These can be ordered as an upgrade to our Solid Stainless Steel plug.

"The Little Mouse"

1.33 inch diameter
Solid, Low-Nickel Stainless Steel
Medical-Implant Grade, Pure Titanium

Highest Quality, Solid Metal (no coatings or platings), ultra-comfortable shape, narrow stem. (Size: 1.33 inch diameter)

Why Use Pure Titanium? ...Safety and Beauty

Each of our new Titanium plugs is made from a solid piece of Pure Medical Implant Grade Titanium. Our Titanium is tested by an independent laboratory to ensure its chemical purity exceeds the medical implant standard ASTM f67. Our plugs are surface-prepared to the ASTM f86 standard for surgical implants. Pure Titanium is a medical implant material that is biocompatible, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and works with Silicon Lubricant (Why silicon lube?... Silicon lubes do not absorb into the body quickly like water-based lubes and so are preferred for comfort).

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Care and Feeding

Ears - Headband should be stored with the tips bound to an "X" to ensure proper fit.

...the headbands are not plastic, they are cellulose acetate and they conform to the shape of the head with body heat for ultr-comfort, so binding the tips gives "spring" back to your ears and helps them to stay put. A small rubber band about an inch from the headband tips works well.

Plugs - Wash with non-abrasive soap and water.

Leather - Clean with gentle soap and water. Re-Waterproof as needed. (If the leather absorbs water then waterproof again)

FUR - Surface clean by hand with very little soap and water. Soaking is not usually necessary and takes a long time to dry, "Fluff" fur into a good position before drying. Fluff by giving the tail or ears a little shake to fluff up the fur before leaving to dry. The fur gets a little bit of a memory, so leaving to dry looking fluffed up is good. Heat melts faux fur, so... do NOT tumble-dry. NO HEAT -- air dry only.

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Testimonials & Accolades


(unsolicited comments from our beloved Patrons)

I just received my kitten ears, belt and tail! They are gorgeous! Thank you so much they are perfect and the craftsmanship is beautiful! I can't wait to order more!!! Thank you so very much!

- Leeann

Thank you so much for the kitten set. It looks and feels gorgeous :D I have also been singing your praises to my friends about your beautiful work and one of them, ****, has featured a series of photos on her blog with your work :D

Many thanks,


I received the cat ears and tail kit a few weeks ago and my kitty loves it very much. The craftsmanship is excellent.

Thanks for delivering such an exquisite product.


Got my tail a couple days ago and holy ****, I literally have never owned a better piece. The plug is amazingly comfortable and the fur is suuuuuper soft and cuddly. This is definitely the pinnacle of my toybox and I want to thank you so much for the excellent work you put into it!

Hi there!

I received the package a few weeks ago....Everything is absolutely wonderful, and the kitten paw mittens are perfect, an exceptional design. Thank you so much.

I'll certainly recommend your company to anyone I know who is interested, for both service and quality, and your customization ability. I may want more kitten paws at some point, too.

Thank you, once again!


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful cat's tail. It is very well made, comfortable to wear and my partner and I love it to bits. We shall be back for more.

Yours faithfully,

- Blair

..I absolutely love it!  Thanks so much for your effort and excellent communication!

- Craig

Hey there!

I just wanted to say that I am really loving the tails that I have ordered from you. I ordered a Lynx tail a few months ago and when I was ready for a toy to explore I ordered from you again with a Leopard tail and it is amazing. The quality of your products is really outstanding and it is much appreciated and I will continue to buy from you in the future whenever I have the desire for a new kitty toy to play with! The next one will probably be in another few months and will definitely be an ocelot tail and maybe some ears to go along with it... keep up the amazing work that you guys do :3
A playful Ocelot

Good Evening,
I finally have the time to write you an email, about that cute kitten which arrived last friday in Switzerland. There are not many things to say ... It is just perfect. The Fur is unbelievable soft, the bell & the ribbon are so adorable ... the overall quality of the Cat Costume is really high...
Thank you,
Mike :3

...I love the feel of it

OMG OMG OMG I LOVE IT. Its so soft and fits perfectly! I showed it off to my friends and they are so jealous. I gave them your site and told them they should order quickly. Thank you so much I love it very much....

To the wonderful artists at Kitten Cream,
First off just want to say you all do gorgeous work and I am extremely proud to say that I am the owner of a KittenCream Creation. You all did a fabulous job on it.

The tail is beautiful. I'm not sure what i expected but this is fabulous. This was on the submissive's wish list, I just picked it because it was the most unusual thing on the list...and quite frankly I was being a bit showy. Kudos on the artistry. You now have a permanent customer.
Be Peace

I would like to send my regards to your outstanding taste, attention to detail and extensive love of fine garments, as all of those truly describe your beautiful creations superbly...

...thank you for your wonderful line of designs.

- Gavin

Hey there,
I can tell very much how much passion was put into the work you created for us. I couldn’t wait to give it to him, literally. I was gonna make it a Christmas gift, but it was just so beautiful and well made that I just had to give it to him right away. An early present hehehe. I noticed all those wonderful extras you put into and nearly cried when I seen the look on his face. It went from "what the!" too seeing his eyes get so big in awe upon realizing what it was, like a kid came awake again inside him. Though to be honest, he seems to never have forgotten how to dream and live life. He always wakes up in a good mood, always trying to be positive mindset. Even when times are really rough he is there for me to lean on with a smile on his face and comforting arms. So this was the least I could do for him...He wants to write something to you all too.
Much love and sincere gratitude,

This is David and first and foremost I thank your entire team for how much heart and time they put into making such a marvelous gift. It is truly one of a kind your entire team is to thank for it. I would have never begun to imagine something like this to be made and your creativity is astounding.... It is incredibly soft and very comfortable also. In fact every piece of it is, it fits very nicely. It was so comfortable in fact that after I put it on, she wanted to snuggle into me and we both ended up falling asleep...
Heart-felt thank you,

I absolutely love your products. I drool over them all the time.. ok so i probably should not admit I drool. :giggles: lil_kitten

From the Artists of KittenCream -- we wish to send a very warm "thank you" to all of our wonderful Patrons =^.^=

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